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ProPrep Helmet Polish

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ProPrep Helmet Polish

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ProPrep™ is a polish that doesn't scratch like acrylic-based waxes. Helmets are easier to keep clean and looking like new. Best of all, if you remove and replace helmet decals during the season, your helmet decals will remove easily and cleanly. Leaves no decal adhesive behind and prevents paint from being peeled off with the decal.

  • One bottle of ProPrep™ can help prepare 50 helmets for the decal application process.
  • Applying ProPrep™ to your Football Helmets creates a protective barrier between helmet surface and decal product.
  • ProPrep™ not only maintains the shine of your football helmets with regular use, but also was designed to make it easier to place and remove decals eliminating gooey adhesive residue.
  • It also helps protect and maintain the shine of painted football helmets.
  • Using ProPrep™ as a cleaner regularly, will allow stains and marks to be removed more easily during the season.
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