Sports Apparel

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts,
Shorts and Sports packs

Dress to Win!

Healy Awards offers more than helmet decals. Outfit your entire team, and entire school, with our high-quality sports apparel. We've already got your logo, and we already know your designs. Let us deliver fabulous t-shirts, sweat-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, sweatpants, and more! We even offer combination school spirit packs for all sports lines.

Signs and Banners

We have a large selection of signs and
banners to choose from.

Celebrate your Achievements!

Healy Awards wants to help you recognize all your team members for their achievements. To do that, we offer many different record boards, dry erase boards, and logo or mascot signs. When you DO make it to the post-season, we also have achievement signs and conference signs to celebrate your victories and acomplishments! We're proud of our work, and we want you to be proud of yours.

Awards & Recognition

No matter what the occasion, Healy Awards has the right plaque for you.

Honor your Champions!

Throughout the year, certain players always rise to the top. Key teammates show up strong, and deserve to be recognized. Sometimes, it's a departing senior or a player of yesteryear that you want to honor, and sometimes it's the whole team. Regardless of the recipient of the award, Healy has a number of plaques, boards, and certificates to help you remember that little extra bit of blood, sweat, and tears that might have been left out on the field.