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Schutt Splash Shield (Upper & Lower Set)

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The Schutt Splash Shield was developed to attach directly to the faceguard of a football helmet to offer some protection against droplets from sweat, coughs, and sneezes in close proximity. The Splash Shield will attach directly to the faceguard. Not only will the new Splash Shield fit all configurations of football helmets, but these guards are lightweight, easy to attach and clean, and inexpensive enough to be disposable. The Splash Shield is made of a clear optical material and has slotted tabs for ease in connecting the product to any faceguard on any helmet. While the Splash Shield will offer some protection, it can only limit exposure to airborne droplets that the athlete encounters during play.

  • Universally fits ALL traditional football faceguards (trimmable, as desired)
  • Disposable and Replaceable (Optically clear flexible material)
  • NFHS approved for use in games and practices
  • Includes 3 top and 3 bottom shields along with 18 attachment strips
  • RECOMMENDED USE: Wipe down shield every day or every other day and replace once a week
Not recognized by the CDC or FDA as safe or effective against COVID-19 or any virus; no guarantee items will protect user from any illness.

Note - We are not able to accept returns of this product.

Price per Set (Minimum Order 5 Sets)
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