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Decal Applicator Squeegee

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Decal Applicator Squeegees are a great way to apply your sports helmet decals by smoothing out your decals and pushing out all air bubbles underneath the surface for a perfect decal application.

1. Press center of decal to helmet so only a small middle section is applied to the helmet.
2. Working from the middle out, use the decal applicator squeegee to smooth out the decal against the helmet. Begin with larger areas first and then smooth smaller sections down. This will prevent buckling.
3. When decal is entirely smoothed out over helmet, rub the decal applicator squeegee over the entire decal to ensure the decal is completely pressed into place. This will also help work out any remaining air bubbles underneath the surface.
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America’s Toughest Decals
Healy Awards is the your one-stop shop for quality products including easy to apply Football Helmet Decals. Our 20 mil vinyl makes our decals America’s most durable to last you an entire season. With our amazing graphics department, your helmets can look the best on and off the field. We’ve been producing Football Decals for over 50 years to High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Semi-Pro teams and Youth Leagues all over the country. We can ship your decals out quickly to meet your game dates while maintaining the best quality football helmet decal. Don’t be fooled by other companies that use a thinner material. Make sure your helmet decals will last all season long.

Colors to Match Your Style
In addition to the vast amount of standard colors we carry, you can choose to add more pop to your helmets. We offer different color and material options including Metallic Flake, Chrome and Matte Finish. Feel free to request color swatches from our outstanding Customer Service Department to ensure you get the closest color to your uniforms. Whether you have matte finish helmets or glossy, our decals will adhere all season long and still come off at the end of the season with ease.

Decal Accessories
Accessorize your helmet with many different decal options. Our Football Helmet Stripes will make a great addition to any helmet logos. Reward your players with good hits and plays with our Custom Award Markers. You can choose from one of our designs or send in a design of your own. Add front and back name strips to your helmets for team motivation or to intimidate the competition. Conference or sponsor logos are a great way to show team spirit. Number decals on your helmets can help your players keep their equipment organized. Available in 1 or more colors, you can customize them to match your other decals.

Get the Best with Healy…Fast!
Our decals are produced in our home office in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, allowing us to turnaround your decals quickly. Contact one of our Customer Service Representatives to have free artwork produced and outfit your football helmets with the nation’s toughest decals. Rush orders are available should you be in a time crunch.

Production Time

Once payment is received, the product you ordered will ship in 1-2 business days.